Policies and Waiver Form

Session Duration

Sessions will run in 6 week increments, with allowances and proration for holidays and special workshops.

Class Level Policy

Students will be placed into appropriate classes to meet their individual needs as well as challenge them safely. Please refer to the class descriptions for more details

Attendance Policy

Classes are set up on a twice weekly basis to provide a structured and progressive practice. Students are welcome to attend three to four classes a week, or to attend once a week if that is what your schedule allows. See pricing schedule for details

Make Up Policy

We encourage students to makeup classes they have missed. Classes may be made up in any class anytime during the current session if space is available. In lieu of making up the class yourself, you can bring a friend to class.

Medical Waiver and Release Form Policy 

All students including drop in and guests are required to fill out and sign medical waiver and release forms. You can download these forms on the “Waiver Forms” page. Current students will be asked to fill out the updated forms. The information in these forms are kept strictly confidential.

Download link coming soon